Hey Y’all! Here is the Q&A I posted on Instagram. You asked and I’m answering! Here we go! I hope you all enjoy!

  1. What are my favorite highlighters and why? Favorite highlighters are subtle ones. Although my favorite palette is ABH Moonchild. My favorite single is probably LG Gilded Honey. Any highlight you can make subtle. If you like a lot of highlight I say go for it! My super oily skin doesn’t allow me to use a lot of highlighter it looks way too shiny by the end of the night if I do. I love a warm glow to the skin and shimmer on the cheeks.
  2. When did you start getting into makeup and who taught you? I got into makeup when I was about 12/13. I wore the darkest lipstick I could find. I remember it was called Wicked. It came with matching nail polish. As I got older I wore the dark browns as most of us 90’s folks wore. I self-taught myself. Although my grandmother was always such an inspiration with makeup and she was the meaning of glam! she was perfection! She was always so put together and her makeup was always perfect. She loved high-end products. She would have loved highlighters if she was still here with us.
  3. Favorite Foundation? What is best for full coverage? I get asked this a lot. Now I can only use one brand and that’s Clinique Acne solutions foundation. I have tried many and they break out my sensitive skin. I like Too faced born this way for full coverage wish it didn’t break me out. I also like Cliniques’ line because there are so many shade ranges and I found that they are pretty full coverage. Even my acne solutions one is full coverage. Hourglass has a good stick one too!
  4. Good foundation for oily skin? (Preferably drug store brands) I gotta give that to Loreal Pro-matte Infallible. That is the only recent one I’ve tried.
  5. Your thoughts on skin needling. This topic came up today at my plastic surgeons office where I go for my facials. One of the girls had it done and we were chatting about it. She was doing it for scars on her forehead. It’s not for everyone. Her skin looked great and honestly if she didn’t tell me she had it done and pointed out the scars I would have never noticed. Her skin looked great. Now this was done by a professional and I would only go to a professional who specializes in it. Do your research. It can cause damage and tear the skin if not done correctly. Do I believe if done right does it work. Yes. I always take into account the type of skin you have though before you think about doing this. Plus someone with experience will let you know if you are a candidate.
  6. A good reccomedation for a razor. I answered this on the page already but I will always say the Mermaid Razor by Lequa Beauty. If you don’t own one you should get one! They are amazing. Not to mention they are a great company. I often talk about them on my page. I like both the 4 blade and 6 blade cartridges.
  7. All time favorite lipstick? Liquid lips goes to Gerard cosmetics Hydra mattes! Second to that Jeffree Star liquid lips. As far as lipstick I’m a sucker for cliniques lippies! I love their chubby sticks too!
  8. Thoughts on microblading eyebrows. A lot of people I know are doing this that are my age. In their 30’s because they over plucked when they were younger. Everyone who has had it done has had wonderful natural looking results. It’s not permanent and it does require upkeep touch ups. Best part you don’t have to worry about permanent faded colors meaning permanent tattoos this is semi-permanent. Once again research this before you do it and go to someone with plenty of experience. I would love to try it one day myself!
  9. Favorite Organization and why? (know you support a lot of them) Well one that’s near and dear to my heart is Kevin Hines organization. He is a suicide survivor. He Leapt off the Golden Gate bride and survived. He is an amazing human being who inspires with his work to bring awareness to suicide and prevention as well as mental health. He speaks words of encouragement and hope to others. He’s kinda my hero.
  10. Favorite liquid lipstick? Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Mattes! Fav color Everything Nice.
  11. Favorite skincare products? and One makeup product I can’t live without. Makeup product I can’t live without is Benefits Gimme Brow! IM OBSESSED. Skincare products I love are Avene thermal Spring water mist. A holy grail of mine. I love skin medica’s Ultra sheer moisturizer. I’m now using Obagi zo products on my face and I can’t fully give a review just yet but so far I’m liking them. Before Obagi I used Cliniques’ Acne wash for my face and their toner. I do like it I just needed a change.
  12. All time favorite eye shadow palette? This was asked twice by 2 different people! So drum roll please…. I have to say that without a doubt if I was stranded on an island and can only pick one it would be ABH Makeup by Mario palette.
  13. How do I stay motivated to blog regularly and dedicate a lot of time to taking beautiful and creative pictures? Well first off thank you so much for your very kind words. As far as the pictures go photography is a love of mine. A passion. I also take pictures of nature. I love the feeling of being behind the camera and capturing the beauty of something. It makes me happy. I often struggled with being creative. All my family are very talented artists. I always felt the need to try to draw like everyone else. That never came easy. Then one day I was handed a camera which by the way was something my grandfather did both of. Photography and being a highly talented watercolor artist, he handed me a camera and said what do you see. And from there it was a passion and honestly came so natural. Funny fact about me. I barely edit my photos. I take pictures of my friends and they always say how in the heck do you do that? how do you make me look so good? It’s all about the angle of the picture and capturing the right moment with the right settings. I have even done wedding photos! I’m not against editing at all btw! The blog… This is new to me. I decided after many requests to do it. I get motivated by the fact that I may motivate someone else to find their way. It’s the same with photography I love to share it so it keeps me motivated. Sometimes I have rough moments when I want to give up but I won’t. Sometimes we all just need a siesta! Doing both has not yet been a challenge but time will tell on that one!
  14. What do I recommend for people with super sensitive skin. For sure the Avene thermal spring water mist! Its been a life savior for even my son. It hydrates and also heals the skin. It’s a great product for sensitive skin.
  15. Favorite drug store brands, Foundation, Primer. I love NYX pore filler as a primer if I wear one. For the most part I skip the primer because it doesnt work well for me. It makes me super greasy. Even the high-end ones do. Fav drug store foundation I mentioned before was the Loreal Infalliable Pro Matte foundation. That’s the only recent one I’ve tried. I love Rimmel Bronzer. I enjoy NYX. I like makeup revolution and Essence makeup. And of course elf and wet n wild!



Here… Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Alright y’all know I love brushes of all kinds. Most of the time I’m buying them to collect them and never use. Its one of my major weaknesses!

Now I’m just going to say with these cute lil Fish brushes…. I personally wouldn’t recommend them to use. Yes I tried one. I tried one with foundation and with powder. I tried to contour as well. Lets just say this brush fell really short for me. Its handle is very light weight and its top-heavy. The top portion where the bristles are is of course ┬áheavier. It’s very awkward to hold because they are small. I personally do not like they way they apply any product. The ones I received are very soft yet dense. So it’s not like the brush hair quality is bad, if that makes any sense. If you made this work for you then YAY! Brownie points for you! To me these are cute little collector pieces and for pictures for social media. It’s a totally great gift idea too for that mermaid crazed person in your life.

Will I buy more? Of course!!! To me these are cute AF to add to my collection and I would love to have them in all the colors. But I won’t be using them! In the vault they go.

Moxie Mist Hydrating Facial Mist

Here is my full review of the Moxie Mist sprays. I received the products complimentary as a gift but as always my opinions are of my own.

I received the Cucumber, Rose and Pomegranate hydrating facial mists. All are 2oz in size. Perfect to throw in your gym bag, makeup bag and travel with. I personally love keeping the Cucumber one in the fridge at home for a cool refresh. They do not have a over powering smell which I appreciate. I think out of all of them The rose has to be my favorite scent. They are light and airy. They definitely refresh and hydrate the skin. I have super oily skin and these actually help control my oil. Thats fresh faced of course. I adore the packaging and they were packed with care which shows that they take pride in their products. There was a very cute sticker that said handmade with love, I personally adore that little extra touch to the package. I received a hand written note that was beautifully written. They are a company who want to empower and inspire and I fully believe in them and stand behind them 100%

MoxieMist is a natural and plant based facial and body mist line that seeks to give you an extra bit of freshness to conquer the day ahead. Handcrafted by a chemist with a professional and true understanding of ingredients and their benefits.

Each one states that it is a lightweight mist filled with natures gentle ingredients containing alcohol-free witch hazel, soy protein, aloe vera and natural extracts that tone, hydrate and refresh the skin.

CREATED WITHOUT: – No Parabens – No Sulfates – No Phthalates – No Mineral Oil – No Harsh Chemicals – No Artificial dyes and colorants – No Animal testing – Handmade in the United States

Now if you want more information you can visit http://www.moxiemist.com / Instagram@moxiemist and shop Esty easy.com/shop/moxiemist